how to repair a snow blower

When and How to Repair Snow Blowers

Snow blowers make our work easy while clearing snow from our compounds. Just like other outdoor equipment, snow blowers need to be repaired while any defect is realized. The repair approach is dependent on the defect. You need to have a proper repair of your snow blower when;

  • It runs roughly
  • It fails to start
  • Its wheels are not engaging
  • It starts and stalls all over sudden
  • Its augur fails to turn, or only one turns
  • Gas leaks and the snow blower does not throw snow or clear it well
  • It does not stay longer running and does not propel on its own
  • It has a damaged tire

How to Repair a Snow Blower

Before starting off the repair ensure that you have all the necessary tools and you are sure and confident enough that you will not leave the task halfway as lack of completion can damage the machine. Some repair requires you to consult a specialist, but there are others that you can do individually with the help of this article.

1. Snow blower runs roughly

There might be some clogging in the carburetor caused by the fuel that has been left there over time. This calls for the cleaning of the carburetor. Ensure that you do not use bare hands to clear the clogged fuel even you have switched the engine. Always ensure you have used a clean tool and ensure that the engine has the proper level of oil. The air filter may also be clogged. With this, we have a lot of fuel and inadequate air. If such happens, you need to replace the air filter.

  1. Allow the engine to cool and disconnect the spark plug wire
  2. Disconnect the starter, remove the key, get the throttle knob out of its initial position, open the choke knob, acorn nuts and open the engine shroud
  3. Open the fuel line up to pull out the fuel filter
  4. Install the new filter and make it firm and connect it to the fuel line and reinstall all the other accompaniments as they were previously

2. Snow blower fails to start

You first need to check whether there are some signs of wear and tear of the spark plug. If there is any damage, you may need to replace the spark. You may require a spark plug gap gauge, ratchet, a fitting socket and a hammer.

  1. By the use of a deep socket remove the spark plug from the cylinder
  2. Guided by the gadgets manual, insert the gap gauge fit it and ensure that you feel some slight resistance.
  3. Thread the spark into the cylinder and tighten it using a ratchet

3. Snow blower wheel repair

After a prolonged usage, you may need to replace the old tire. This is how you go about it

  1. Elevate your snow blower by placing it on a higher block
  2. Figure out all the nuts that have been used to secure the wheel. Unscrew each bolt, and if in good condition you can reuse them and if damaged you need to replace them.
  3. Remove the tire from the wheel and then from the rim. Set the old tire aside
  4. Mount the new tire on the rim, to the wheel and then place it on the snow blower making sure that it is firmly installed.

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