Can Snow Blowers Be Used On Gravel Driveways?

First things first, it is important to note that the type of snow blower you choose should be compatible with the gravel surface, as well as the serenity of winter. There are many models of single-stage, two-stage, three state and electrical snow throwers, with each suiting different surfaces when it comes to clearing snow from your driveway or your compound in general.

Repairing a damaged driveway during the removal of snow is expensive in the first place. You want to clear away snow, but preserve the beauty of the gravel in the end. However, there are several solutions to cleaning the surface without necessarily destroying the gravel driveways.

Picking the Right Snow Blower for Gravel Driveways

  • For heavier snowstorms, you will need a large snow blower. The best snow blower for the gravel driveway is a two-stage machine. A two-stage snow blower has its auger and impeller set high, above the floor of the shed. Also, it comes with a motor with a high horsepower, which is more powerful when clearing snow that is above 6 inches high.
  • A single-stage snow blower may not be the best option when it comes to clearing snow from the gravel driveway. It is because the augers and impellers in these machines are set low and can destroy the surfaces upon which they are clearing snow. To solve the problem, add an extra pair of ‘shoes’ to the little skids, and it will work just fine. The shoes will offer additional support under the scraper bar.
  • When looking for skids, be sure to look for those that are wider and longer, so as not to bend when they encounter frozen rocks. Large skids, usually over 12 inches and an inch wide, offer the needed float on uneven surfaces, hence lifting the snow blower up and protect it from corrosion.

  • Look for a model with power steering feature. They are expensive but go a long way into helping you easily propelled through gravel surfaces, where turns are tight, and the blower requires some extra manhandling. Remember when working on gravel surfaces, and you may throw some pebbles, so be carefully so as not to hit someone or break items around your home.
  • At times, gravel will stick on your auger. Do not stretch to reach out for the gravel. Instead, us a crowbar to get the auger loose before gravel reaches the impeller. Replacing the drill is easy, but cost you some extra money. So handle it carefully.

So, can snow blower be used on gravel driveways? The answer to this is yes; they can. However, you will notice that the blower will leave about half an inch of ice on the uneven surface. If the driveway is large, the snow thrower has been of significant help. For the small path, you may need to look for a shovel, to remove the remaining snow. If you wish to skip the cost of extra skid plates, use a two-stage or three-stage blower. They are the only two strongest and most efficient machines when it comes to cutting through thick snow and ice.

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